At Wong Chambers, We do not maintain rigid practice areas, and our lawyers are not compartmentalised in niches. We are innovational and dynamic, both in the manner in which that we provide legal counsel and in the manner we run our office. We invest heavily in the quality and demonstrable skill of our attorney and our staff, and the strong culture of our firm.

Each year we add a number of very carefully selected associates to our practice who share our passion in the work that we do. Being a Dispute Resolution practice, we understand that job satisfaction, work-life balance and a conducive working environment are the keys to success in this field.

Candidates are invited to submit their resumes/CV with cover letter, law school transcripts and references to:

Entry-Level Associate


1. Outstanding Academic Experience
2. Excellent communication skills
3. Creative
4. Ability to work in teams

Mid-Level Associate


1. Experience in a well-regarded ligitation firm
2. A strong track record in Civil and Commercial Ligitation